Awards/Recognition Ceremony
May 8, 2019

On Febraury 18th 2019, Units from Swatara Fire & Rescue and mutual aid were disoatched to 26 Boyer St in the Enhaut area of the townahip for a reported house fire. Chief 91-6 arrived iwth a working fire and reports of entraptment. Engine 91 arrived with a crew of 3 (Lt Oliver- Driver, FF Marzen- Officer, FF Furlong- Nozzleman) and assumed first due responsibilities. FF Marzen and Furlong made entry at the Bravo side door and as they worked to the seat of the fire, located a female victim about 15 feet inside. They quickly removed the victim and were met by FF/Paramedic Kirkpatrick who had just arrived on Engine 91-2. Engine 91-2 arrived and took the 2nd due engine duties of securing the water supply and FF Stonesifer pulled a back up line. As the victim was removed, Chiefs Steele, Huggins, and Allen made entry and made there way past and above the fire to the 2nd floor to search for 2 more people that were unaccounted for. Those searched turned up negative and it was late determined that they had not been home at the time.

The victim has since been discharged from the burn unit and rehabilitation center and is expected to make a full recovery.

The awards/recognition are as follows.

- Exceptional Duty Award - FF C Heckman (E91-2)

- Unit Citations -
Engine 91 (Lt Oliver, FF Marzen, FF Furlong)
Engine 91-2 (BC Huggins, Assistant Huggins, FF
Kirkpatrick, FF Stonesifer, FF Heckman)
Ladder 91 (Assistant Steele)
Chief 91-6 (BC Bradnick)
Chief 91-4 (BC Allen)
Chief 91 (Chief Ibberson)

- Firefighter's Cross Award -
Chief Huggins, Chief Steele,
Chief Allen

- Silver Life Saving Award - FF/Medic B.Kirkpatrick

- Gold Life Saving Award - FF S.Marzen & FF C.Furlong

Photos are courtesy of individual company Facebook pages